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FC Hurdle Consulting

We provide strategic consulting, coaching and professional training to assist public & private institutions in improving equity performances while enhancing business development.

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All Students Matter.

We provide 20+ years of diverse educational practices that empower all children while supporting institutions, and community based programs.

  • Provide Superintendents and Executive Teams with school improvement support 
  • Designing and curating networks and resources for school leaders 
  • Facilitating equity-based professional development for schools and Educational Service Districts
  • Support Higher Education with racial equity initiatives 
  • Creating and implementing K-12 Literacy and Attendance Systems
  • Provide virtual professional development for K-12 educators
  • Developing school districts in analyzing data and making data-based decision
business develoment

Structure is success.

We strategically structure business planning, marketing, and analytics to enable business growth and financial based tracking.

  • Coaching executive leaders to adapt to the Covid-19 era of business
  • Providing urban planning consultation 
  • Supporting businesses to move from “paperweight” to” digital” processes
  • Data collection support and providing reports with findings and recommendations
  • Serve as advisor to strategic planning needs



City & Government

Community First.

We service city & government programs that create advances for under served communities while supporting equity based initiatives.


  • Provides local municipalities with digital community engagement tools
  • Delivers comprehensive digital inclusion support and consultation for city governments
  • Supported urban school district of 6,000+ students with engagement tools for parents and students
  • Working with city governments to virtually engage communities of the greatest need



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Our mission


Our mission is to equip leaders to provide the best management tools and professional development through the implementation of coaching, evaluation, and equity based practices empowered to our clients & business organizations.

what clients say


Success and progress is our priority

"Understanding leadership in higher education has been a curious journey. I wondered if I had the skill set and knowledge to be an effective department chair. My work with Conrad over the last three years highlighted my talents and helped provide confidence to work with other administrators, supervisors and navigate systems. His multi-cultural approach allowed me to perceive myself and leadership in a different light. Thank you, Conrad!
Dr. Keith Dempsey
George Fox University
"As a General Manager in the industry, we encounter diverse people on a daily basis. This is also true when it comes to my employees who have different personalities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Conrad on several occasions as far as employee relations and have received great advice. He was able to help guide me to ensure to ask the correct questions in such a way that the employee guided themselves to a better decision. This approach provided us with a positive, constructive and teachable moment." 

Tara Campbell
General Manager
“Conrad has been more than just a consultant. He has changed my outlook on teaching and life. Without his expertise and true understanding of support, I would have quit my teaching job of 22 years. Conrad showed me how to enhance the instructional strategies I implemented within in my program. He is a person that will listen and take action to help you resolve any problems you are dealing with at work (lesson plans, administrators, evaluation, and any other school related conflicts). Conrad, I thank you for not allowing me to give up on my profession."

Tim Mitchell
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Data Research & Analysis


Business Development

Policy Reform

Equity Based Services

Community Impact & Involvment


Due to COVID-19, our services have successfully extended to digital platforms to better enable our clients and team’s health & success. We are available for business and strategic support during this unfortunate time.

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