Who Do We Serve?

We know diversity is our strength. The team of skilled professionals connected to FC Hurdle Consulting, LLC allows us to provide quality service to diverse industries.
  • Education 
    • School Improvement Technical Assistance
  • Stakeholder Engagement, Data Collection, and Reporting
    • Environmental Justice
    • Government: State, County, and City
    • Construction Partners

All Students Matter.

We provide 20+ years of diverse educational practices that empower all children while supporting institutions, and community based programs.

  • Provide Superintendents and Executive Teams with school improvement support 
  • Designing and curating networks and resources for school leaders 
  • Facilitating equity-based professional development for schools and Educational Service Districts
  • Support Higher Education with racial equity initiatives 
  • Creating and implementing K-12 Literacy and Attendance Systems
  • Provide virtual professional development for K-12 educators
  • Developing school districts in analyzing data and making data-based decision
business develoment

Structure is success.

We strategically structure business planning, marketing, and analytics to enable business growth and financial based tracking.

  • Coaching executive leaders to adapt to the Covid-19 era of business
  • Providing urban planning consultation 
  • Supporting businesses to move from “paperweight” to” digital” processes
  • Data collection support and providing reports with findings and recommendations
  • Serve as advisor to strategic planning needs



City & Government

Community First.

We service city & government programs that create advances for under served communities while supporting equity based initiatives.


  • Provides local municipalities with digital community engagement tools
  • Delivers comprehensive digital inclusion support and consultation for city governments
  • Supported urban school district of 6,000+ students with engagement tools for parents and students
  • Working with city governments to virtually engage communities of the greatest need



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