We can get better together.


We aim to leave clients with the hope that they can do the work.

We give our clients the confidence to overcome perceived challenge.

We leave our clients with the ability to thrive with the end product.


Portland, Oregon Reflection

City, county, & State government

Past Project

  • Supported the City of Portland’s Office of Community Technology with strategic planning technical assistance, stakeholder engagement, cultural awareness professional development, data collection support and analysis, and a comprehensive study with findings and recommendations.


Past Project

  • Consulted with the National Association of Minority Contractors regarding their data collection needs.

Cultural Awareness

Past Project

  • Established African-American Affinity Group for educators in SW Washington.


Past Project

  • Supported Portland State University to audit website content through a racial justice framework and develop best practices that Portland State website content managers can use in content/curation decision-making.


Supporting BIpoc Businesses

Past Project

  • Engaged with various business networks such as Texas Small Farmers and & Ranchers Community Based Organization.

clients & partners

FC Hurdle Consulting, LLC recognizes the diverse spectrum of people, cultures, histories, and life experiences that people bring to schools, workplaces, and local communities. Our mission is to offer professional development in cultural awareness for organizations aiming to enhance their capacity to examine personal cultural mindsets, behaviors, and organizational structures. We focus on evaluating systems, policies, and practices to incorporate cultural strengths that lead to improved outcomes. Our approach aims to eliminate the misuse of cultures, emphasizing the unique hues of the Pacific Northwest region.

Microaggressions: Ouch!

FC Hurdle Consulting (FCH) was invited to facilitate a professional development session on microaggressions with a group of educators. We experienced a variety of responses

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