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City & County Government

Supporting the City of Portland’s Office of Community Technology with strategic planning technical assistance, stakeholder engagement, anti-racist professional development, data collection support and analysis, and a comprehensive study with findings and recommendations
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Lived Experience with Equity

Customizing equity-based methodology through all engagement based upon needs of clients

Designed and trademarked a racial equity initiative called “Colors of the NW”

Established African-American Affinity Group for educators in SW Washington

Provided Colors of the NW racial equity professional development across Washington and Oregon

Albina Community: STORYTELLER OF Albina District and Vanport History I grew up influenced by family and community members who were Southerners and were a part of the Great Migration to settle in Vanport (a flooded city), Oregon, and the Albina district

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Partnered with Oregon State University in creating an African-American Student Pipeline

Supported Portland State University to audit website content through a racial justice framework and develop best practices that Portland State website content managers can use in content/curation decision-making

Partnering with Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center/Rosemary Anderson Network of Schools to provide: multi-tiered systems of support for attendance, executive leadership support, and continuous school improvement planning support

Provide translation/administer language test services in Amharic, Spanish, and Oromo
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Consult with the National Association of Minority Contractors regarding their data collection needs
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Supporting BIPOC Businesses

Developed a network of diverse professionals to support clients’ unique business needs.

Engage with various business networks such as Texas Small Farmers and & Ranchers Community Based Organization
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State Government

Consultant with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Washington to create, implement and sustain networks and partnerships that leverage resources to create a coordinated improvement system and build capacity for engagement in cycles of data inquiry that inform and guide ongoing school district improvement across the state.

Contracted with Multnomah Educational Service District to conduct community engagement with African American students and families of the Centennial School District, collect data, and submitted a report with findings and recommendations.

Organized and assembled a team for East Metro Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Partnership to provide a Humanizing Mathematics Workshop and STEM training for PK-5 educators across the Portland Region
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FC Hurdle Consulting, LLC recognizes the diverse spectrum of people, cultures, histories, and life experiences that people bring to schools, workplaces, and local communities. Our mission is to offer professional development in cultural awareness for organizations aiming to enhance their capacity to examine personal cultural mindsets, behaviors, and organizational structures. We focus on evaluating systems, policies, and practices to incorporate cultural strengths that lead to improved outcomes. Our approach aims to eliminate the misuse of cultures, emphasizing the unique hues of the Pacific Northwest region.


iEquity in Education

“How to help my district move forward in tackling this complex issue of cultural competency. A better understanding of cultural competency and how it might pertain to our district.”

“Being very clear and aware of what I want to change about my practice in order to more equitable and culturally responsive teacher, as well as resources I can bring back to my team.”

“I was able to make a SMART goal for the following school year to help my students of color and English Language Learners. I want to empower them to know their stories and how they learn. I also want to help them become self-advocates and independent learners instead of dependent learners.”

“Loved the equity conversation time in breakout rooms where we learned each other’s stories; had very meaningful conversations based on rich topics given to us. This was the best training I had all summer…so rich, so thought-provoking, and left with many great resources! Thank you, Conrad!”

iEquity in Business

“My biggest takeaway is that sometimes we as humans become stunted to take action for fear of “getting things right”. The time to take action is now. I commit to speak up more for injustice and inequities.”

“I commit to move past fear and stand up for anti-racism.”

“A takeaway I have is that effort alone is not enough, we don’t succeed unless we have results.”

"I am a better person, business, and parent because of this program. It opened up perspectives outside of mine while nurturing my growth."

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